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Our Mascot, Kimochi
Our Mascot, Kimochi  

Lucille Design is a one-stop shop that offers

  • web design,
  • interactive online features,
  • Web-ready photos and graphics,
  • integrated database solutions,
  • email marketing newsletters,
  • logo design,
  • domain name registration – and more.

Lucille Design can bring your project to life, transforming your ideas into a living breathing online presence.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area (in Berkeley, CA), Lucille Design has been serving non profits, small business, independent artists and philanthropy groups since 1998.

Lucille Design was founded with two primary goals:

  • To work for and with people for the joy and pleasure of the work itself, and
  • To provide non-profit organizations, small businesses and artists with professional, quality design at a manageable price.

Barbara Brust, founder and Creative Director, ensures that the correct resources are applied to every project, customer communication is seamless, promised deadlines are met, and the whole process is as enjoyable as possible.

Barbara's first career was in theater, lighting and set design. The same creative energy and collaborative spirit she brought to the world of theater infuse every project she manages at Lucille Design.

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Barbara Brust
Founder and Creative Director

Specializing in non-profits, small business, individual artists and philanthropy groups.