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A website's design should not interfere with the information your visitors seek. They should be informative, efficient, and visually appealing. This requires that the site not only load quickly, but display properly given the complex variables presented by differing connection speeds, display mediums, browsers, and operating systems. Navigation must be intuitive and seamless.

For these reasons, our sites are hand-coded from the ground up. Design applications are used only when requested by the client. All sites are verified for browser/platform compatibility and adherence to universal web standards. All code is streamlined for site efficient and trouble-free execution across the internet. Gallery page

What matters most?
When Lucille Design creates a website, you can be sure it will…

  • be a unique, professionally designed site
  • be visually compelling, encouraging visitors to linger and explore
  • create a polished, credible online presence for your organization
  • possess intuitive menus with seamless navigation
  • be hand-coded from the ground-up
  • load as quickly as possible for users at all connection speeds
  • be thoroughly tested for compatibility with different browsers, monitors and operating systems
  • adhere to universal web standards
  • include as many interactive features as you desire
Baby Abuelita birthday cards

Interactive Features
Which of these features would add real value to your website, given what you are trying to achieve?

  • site search
  • e-commerce solutions
  • integrated databases
  • community bulletin boards
  • event calendars
  • feedback form, callback forms
  • polls and surveys
  • photo galleries
  • art portfolios

Related Services
Need more help to get where you're going? From initial design to final online presence, Lucille Design can be your "one stop shop."

Baby Abuelita birthday cards
  • email newsletters
  • news/article posting
  • search engine placement
  • website usage statistics
  • banner / ad management
  • domain name registration

See our portfolio for samples of our work.

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